Providing Expert Accounting Services and Guidance to Businesses and Individuals

At Ekanger and Associates, we have gained a reputation as experts in two distinct fields, accounting and baseball; the two are much more alike than you might think. To succeed in both you need good guidance, coaching and obviously have to have a great grasp of numbers. All the talent in the world will go to waste if there is a lack of good leadership in place, helping the team prepare for upcoming opponents and changing conditions.

Just like a veteran baseball manager who’s coached through nearly every imaginable in game scenario, our firm’s years of experience has endowed us with the knowledge to tackle a wide variety of circumstances. We understand the difficulties of running a business in today’s ever-changing economic landscape, so we combine our years of experience with our keen understanding of bookkeeping, accounting and tax.

How to attack a pitch count, when to swing for the fences or to lay down a bunt and play small ball, we want to ensure you fully understand the situation you are facing. You will not have to worry about our team taking a seventh inning stretch, as our dependable and responsive group of professionals is dedicated to seeing you succeed.